I can show you how to cut your water and utility bills in half, requires no additional equipment or purchases for your home. Slight modifiers can greatly reduce your costs due to an increased---

For more detailed information please contact me at the number above. The product is free, the information of how to use it to obtain these results are not.  I must relay that in order to show the full benefits and accuracy of this operation it will require a two month dedication on all the members of the home. You will have to adhear to certain rules for me to accuratley document and keep record of the routine of all the occupants & visitors. Servalence and security will be offered as well as a diagnosis and suggested savings methods in the first two weeks but neither are required. I gaurantee I can make your lawn greener, house and its occupants cleaner inside and outside while simulateneously cutting your utility bills in half or you do not have to pay a thing.

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