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I am an independent handyman, craftsman, serviceman, designer, engineer, builder, fabricator, imagineer and Estimator. I have worked in all facets of the home-office building, repair, maintenance, remodeling, design and estimation for both residential and commercial building trades. Working with all mediums, types of materials & manufacturers I have a well rounded database of material knowledge, thier flaws, their availability to access & application abilities. I have completed enough studies in the foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, floor, wall covering and HVAC trades to be considered a working engineer at my last hourly employment as a foreman for a large commercial general contrator agency.  I have done repairs to and or built some of the most unique projects in places like Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Wyoming, Las Vegas and California. I have worked on the Builtmore hotel, the Lowes Anatole hotel, the World Trade Center,  the Disney Film Studios, the Paramount Studios, the Hollywood Stage and Theater and the Regal cinemas chain. I can do any job around your home large or small and guarantee that you will get an honest quote, the best service at the lowest possible rate, in a timely manner at your convenience or I will pay you the cost to hire someone else to do the same quality of work for less "rules apply" .  I am now offering 30% off on any type of job for first time callers no matter what type of project. Please email a job description w/ photos or just call for details.  I have no employees and only so many hours in the day so book early as everybody will be wanting to get reduced labor and it is first come first served.

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