Carpet flooring is one of the hardest areas of construction to do right. To fully comprehend the full aspect of all its qualities and dilema's (that can really harm you and everything else in your home including the house itself) you almost need a degree in engineering. You at least need a fully rounded education in the construction industry to install it correctly. 

 For example: Loose carpet will destroy all the smooth surfaces in your home by not allowing you to get the dust out completely because: 1. As soon as you walk or roll anything across the surface it manufactuers new dust and wears out the top of your padding and the backing of the carpet causing traffic areas-loose carpet nap-buildup of foreign materials & more 2. dents the back of the carpet where furniture sits for long periods and makes the bounce you would normally get from the padding feel like hard cement 3.Traps dirt in the nap (fibers) of the material which will discolor and matte  4. As this happens the sun will fade it unevenly and since you cannot get rid of the dust for more than a day and static electricity is allowed to magnify you will lose life of all electrical appliances, magnetic operating machines (all electric motors) clothing and any other machine that can get dusty 5 Lastly it will hold onto moisture or spills which create mildew,  germs and harmfull bacteria that cannot be cleaned out until the carpet is exposed to ultraviolet rays (sunlight) steamed, chemically treated, replaced and or restretched. If you do not clean under the padding you are still leaving harmful bacteria like mold, fungus or dirt particles that will continue to do on a smaller scale the above that the loose carpeting causes. In the end a good quality carpet will last the life of your home and it is never too late to rescue it with a quality restretch and increase the life of everything inside your home including your family.  It is rare and extream that a home will have all these problems but ask yourself these questions. Is my home hard to keep clean (especially from dust or fine particles)? Do you have problems with static? is the floor comfortable to walk or lay upon? Does the floor feel lumpy, is it loose or seams to move when vacuuming? Can you see places where it looks worn more than others. If you answer yes to any of these questions you have at least three problems that I can correct with minimal effort and expense. With the cost of new flooring, can you afford to have an improper installation that could potentially damage everything in your home including you?

  Do you need to replace some flooring or would like to know how to make your existing floors look and feel brand new?  I have worked with all floor and wallcoverings, baseboards and moldings, Hard and soft surfaces, concrete, rubber, wood, tile, ceramics, parkay, linoleum, sim-wood, metal, vct and etc. I can repair or install any subfloor heated or non and have all the tools to do the job per the manufacturers recommendations to give you the best looking, longest lasting and easiest to clean floors you have ever seen.

Do you need an new set of stairs,  or maybe you have loose or squeeky step, broken hand rail or rung, mangled runner or hard to keep clean area? I can repair any problem from the creation and installation of new designs to solving a squeek in the floor, broken and hard to find dowel or railings, dips or lumps in the floor or walk ways to hard to find materials. If it can be broken, I can repair it.

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