Ok a few words about painting:  Rule # 1 prime, prime, prime. If you do not prime you may as well not bother painting. In order for paint to stick, cover, color, not glareup, not peel off, not fade from uv light or last the life of the warantee you must use a primer. The better the primer the better the color will look and last. In order for some primers to stick and cover over existing paints you have to sand or wash (clean) the surface you want to paint. It can take weeks to properly prep, prime and repair a home for painting. It only takes a few hours to apply the color. I do not care how badly you want to skip this step, If you do not prime it will fade before its time.  Unless you have a tick or muscle spasms it is also easy to paint a straight line. All this taping every thing is a waste of time and materials. Unless you are in a hard to cover area or using air or spay paint tape is not really needed. It is important however to have plenty of rags, scrubbers and cleaners around for all surfaces that paint could get on. If you use a water based paint all you need is a bucket of soapy water a several rags. It is important to clean up spills or mistakes right away. You will always have time to apply the paint but if you wait too long to clean it off you may not get it off. Or will atleast have to stop and scrape it off or sand it off then rebuild the surface, re-prime and re-paint.  Since it is california it is also good to have a pre-designated place to dump white wash (dirty water) because you do not want to use the drainage system that leads to the ocean. Having a couple of five gallon buckets with lids is a good way to collect unusable paint or white wash.

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