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For a limited time I am offering free labor to first time callers on any type of service. I am also offering free written reports to validate your current flooring installation to see if you are going to get the life you deserve out of your new flooring and alert you to any dangers.

Do you need a fence mended? Palm Trees trimmed? A garden weeded or lawn mowed? Maybe you want to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, paint the spare bedroom or make the garage or home attic usable for storage. Suppose you want to add a new room to your home, install natural lighting, solar power, heating, energy efficient water heaters (instahot), build a sun deck, expand your back yard, attic or storage area.

I have over 36 years in the custom home building and remodeling industry and have worked in all the trades from apprentice to journeyman.  I have worked for many contractors and maufacturers. Our government payed me to attend and aquire an Estimation certificate from CMI college. I am a member of the ASPE and have taken several assignments for interior designing. Let my years of on the job training and education benefit you with whatever needs you have.

Include me in the determination process and I can save you a bundle. Sometimes only a partial repair is needed but it takes an educated serviceman with expertice in all realted fields to know that. I am honest with all my customers as to the extent of the repairs needed. I do not bully you into deciding what is best, I just tell you the options and you tell me how you want to proceed from there. 

No matter what type or size of repair you need I have all the tools and expertise to finish the job to your satisfaction or your money back.

 Working on large projects is always fun but I find it more enjoyable being able to complete a job from start to finish without any outside help. Whether it is as simple as repairing a toilet & broken tiles, to building an office division in your garage. I can do any repair at the lowest rates possible and will work around your schedule whatever the hours.

I can also help you with custom jobs like:  In home offices, theaters, Surround sound, fiber optic lighting, solar power & heating, exterior or garden lighting, custom cabinets, entertainment centers, stages, waterfalls, ponds, pools, saunas, band or studio design and construction, custom gaming stations, attic or garage storage & access, garden and tree planting.

 I am able to scale tall palms, replant, or cut down any size trees. I can do yard maintenance or design a garden that will need little to no upkeep. Install driveways, walks, drainage & sprinkler systems or retaining walls. I do carpet cleaning,  home & office cleaning. Ask me how you can afford to get things done in this economy and I guarantee you will be glad you did. For a free quote on any repair E-mail a photo of the repair to  Or just call 951-491-1779 and ask how I can help. I am running a special of FREE LABOR for ANY SERVICE for first time callers towards any type of service.

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